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As I stand on the second floor level conversing with a co-worker, I become acutely aware of how agonizing, painful and essential these 5 flights are to so many individuals and families.

These stairs are frequently swept, bleached and constantly used. They are the coming and going of thousands of homeless folk on an annual basis. Different ages, ethnicities, genders and motives pound their way up and down, down and up, with purpose and necessity.

As I talk, I observe and I pray for the day, an elevator will grace Sylvia Center.

A 74 year old, with his painful knees and severely curved spine staggers his way up. He can barely walk a Chicago block, so he rides his bike all day and chooses to make the trip to the 4th floor only in his coming and going. A group of reckless pre-teens leap and jump down the stairs nearly knocking Felipe to the ground. I yell a “be careful”, as they head to the door.

On this cold February day, a middle aged couple, crippled with raging heart problems, obesity…