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Be Not Distracted - Live Out Your Story!

It’s that awful time of the year: political flyers, relentless texts, and people pleading with me to vote for them! I have absolutely no faith in submitting to this empire that serves only those who have money, power, and privilege. What I do have faith in: people who resist the empire, grassroots movements motivated by inclusive compassion for those who’ve been rejected, and our Merciful God who loves those who are struggling, homeless, incarcerated, and refugees.
Every day, at the moment, if you’re like me, you’re getting bombarded with a whole lot of political mailings and videos from our incumbent alderman, James Cappleman. It's tiring! If it wasn’t for how many people believe this stuff, the lies and use of propaganda shoved in my face would be hilarious! I could ignore it, but he's had some real and devastating effects on the lives of people I care about. I cringe over how much money is spent mailing out and posting this propaganda so that he can be re-elected; money that…

Hope! It's hard to grasp....

Hope! It's so hard to grasp when despair is always knocking at our doors. Yet, despite it all, hope doesn't disappoint and it shines, mysteriously, in the chaos! Though it may be dim at times, hope remains, hope’s there, lighting up even those pitch dark caves we venture into! 

Every week I see things that could shatter me. I witness things that could make me numb. I hear about things that could send me into depression and give me fits of rage. The injustice and inequality I witness every day is downright criminal. Whether we choose to admit it or not, we are all surrounded by despair and hopelessness! 
I see it! I feel it! I know it! I mourn over the cyclical nature of addiction, systemic racism, the brutality of those with power, the violence that hits our streets and the abusive preying on the weak and mentally ill by those who’ve been given authority to administer rules and protect them. 
It doesn't change! It's the same every week, only the names, faces, and stories …