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Lil' Fry

Alone, In his 60's - fragile!

Weathered by the harsh and bitter Chicago winters.

Tattered by a long homeless journey.

A warrior!

He survives.

Sleeps where he can.

Eats what he can.

Continuously praying for another day.

A joy came over me as I outreached this weakened and frail man.

I had and have the opportunity to show Lil' Fry a little of God's love for him.

Never asking, but always hoping, he struggles through night after night sleeping in loading docks and alley ways. This cool day, he dozes against the cold brick wall, straining to gain a moments rest. I pray and walk up to him. Kneeling, I question his homelessness and he humbly admits to his vagabond status and his deteriorating health. I offer him a bed, a meal and warmth for the winter, his eyes light up, while his dazed, confused, hagged and worn countenance gets overcome with a beaming smile. He says "Thank you, Jeremy, Thank you!"

We chat over minor details, followed by the setting of some "all important&qu…

They Fall and They Rise!

I have a deep love and concern for the many homeless and precariously housed men and women on the street. I love to outreach them and get to know these folk! I love to show them, by word and deed, the love of Jesus.

My heart often goes to the massive groupings of men and women "hanging" on a particular block! These groups are often paralyzed by addiction, mental illness, criminal histories and gang affiliations.

These rough and numerous groupings of individuals are straining to survive, striving to live and loitering in little communes to try and establish a little comfort and security. There is safety in numbers and a radical and, somewhat, beautiful sense of community. The public fears these loitering clans, as they are terrified of being crudely spoken too or attacked. But, it's all about appearances, as they do not wish to assault the unknown faces of a fearful community - they wish to live and survive! My concern and my love reaches out to these, who are, so rejected…

Busy-ness - God is glorified

What an amazing week! So busy, but it's all good!
God is so good!
The roof is being torn off and, eventually, a new roof will be put on. It's a long and tedious process, which will result in the "green" roof being used for job training, job readiness etc., for the residents. Beth (my wife) has the vision, and it is exciting to see the progress!Yesterday, Johnson & Johnson, sent 300 employees to do some work at the shelter. They painted, sorted out clothes, put together tables and chairs, brought certain things for the shelter, etc ........ 3 hours and 300 people resulted in some transformed rooms and programs - what a blessing for the residents and clients. Thank you Jesus!This is the week I decide to start weekly meetings. Today, we began with a mandatory meeting - where we discussed a variety of issues and subjects. It was very positive and uplifting - I am hoping it will generate an atmosphere of positivity, where the residents will …

Hopes and Dreams

My hopes and dreams of this blog is to catalog my dealings with the countless homeless folks I deal with on a daily basis. To create memories, to remind myself to be in prayer and to advocate for the least of these. To create a source where my family (whanau) and Church in Aotearoa (New Zealand) can be updated on a regular basis!!

Here goes - hopefully I can keep it going!