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SoCiaL PhOBiA anXiEty dISoRdeR and Homelessness!

Rasheed comes storming into my office, slams the door, plonks himself down in the chair in front of me and starts furiously ranting…. “Jeremy; You better do something!” “I’m as mad as hell; if you don’t do something, I’m gonna snap, yeah man, I’m gonna hurt that boy, you better do something Jeremy, before I hurt him!” “You know me man! I’m old enough to be his daddy, he better not yell at me like I’m his kid. I ain’t his kid! You know what I’m saying? I’m bi-polar, I’m schizophrenic, I’m both of them: what’s that called?” “Schizoaffective disorder” “Yeah! That’s it; the doctor says it causes me to snap. That’s why they give me meds. Let me show you all the meds I gotta take everyday!” Rasheed reaches into one of his bulging pockets, and pulls out a paper-bag fill of medication. He starts showing me his prozac, seroquel, risperdal and some other prescribed psychotropic drugs. “You see what I’m saying Jeremy, you better do something or I’m gonna snap!”
I calm Rasheed down, by trying to use…

"They made me feel like a King!"

We set him up! He's 85 years old, he's homeless, he's tiny, he's fragile and he doesn't speak English; this made him easy to set up.

I walked up to the table where Humberto was playing dominoes with Elihud and Richard, and simply said; "it's time!" Richard faked he'd had enough of the game and instantly quit! Elihud told Humberto (in Spanish) he needed to show him some important papers and off they went to his room.

Josh, Darrell and I rallied. We set up the table on 4th floor, with 2 massive balloons, a sheet cake and a case of root beer. We ran around and gathered other clients and staff. A large youth group of volunteers were working on the floor, so we got them together also. And, of course, there was Uptown's own famous Stewart Brown.

It was time. Elihud brought Humberto through the door and this huge group of gathered individuals started singing "happy birthday!" The look on his face was priceless; he stood there wide-eyed, wond…

My Routinely Stable Daddy!

My dad, Mr. John Cyrus Nicholls, just retired from 27 years of being an elder at Titirangi Baptist Church (formerly Kaurilands Church of Christ L&A). He did not retire due to animosity or hostility, but due to some ongoing health issues and felt he could not fulfill his duty to the best of his ability. Last Sunday (June 12th), TBC held a service recognizing dad's faithfulness and dedication all these years. I could not obviously be there, as he lives in New Zealand and I reside in Chicago. This is what I wrote and it was read aloud on Sunday: it was my attempt to convey and recognize a man who poured his heart, soul and mind into the Church he dearly loves! 

Sunday is Fathers Day in the US. Fathers Day in NZ is in September. Yet, I feel it is fitting to post this in recognition of my father, who despite living in a society where so many people constantly give in, give up and change their direction when they see or glimpse at a slight obstacle; well, our father has defied that m…

He Came Expecting Something!

He came expecting something
He ended up getting something
But it was not "the something"
he thought was his destiny
he expected to be his right

He came with elitist arrogance
Looking down upon the mere peasants
Expecting royal treatment
Valiantly proclaiming from his throne
"I ain't like these lazy homeless bums"

Exclaiming "Give me what I deserve"
Staff simply cringed and smiled
having witnessed this reoccurring scene
Yet he needed to follow the same path
disgracefully sleeping amongst them all

He came expecting something
He ended up getting something
But it was not "the something"
he thought was his destiny
he expected to be his right

He stayed amongst the "peasants"
looked into their battle-scarred eyes
listening to their relentless stories
He watched his layers strip away
their humanity a new found revelation

He realized they were no different
he began accepting his prolonged fate
Through humility he started flourishing