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HURRY UP and Wait!

They're just sitting there in that crowded room. The massive TV at the front is blaring; most of this mob of homeless men seem mesmerized by the action taking place on the big screen. A group of fresh-faced youngsters from rural mid-America wander into this room occupied by urbanized, battle-scarred survivors. They had traveled up to the Big City with outstanding motives; to help, assist and volunteer! They glance around our spot, and while sucking in the fumes of the inner city chaos, they observe and take it all in. 
Yet, they stand there confused; extremely confused.... Riddled by this confusion, their eyes wander to and fro, trying desperately not to judge and condemn. As the youth group wanders deeper into the room, they see more sights that cause them to question all their preconceived ideas. At one table they see a group of men playing dominoes, two men intensely battling over a game of chess, random men sleeping in various locations on the floor, while other …