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Seeking First....

When I first came to Chicago, questions like this one (see below) challenged me and took on a new meaning for me. I was challenged in brand new ways. I was challenged again to view the world through, not my own self-centered lens, but through God's lens. I was challenged to put aside my natural instincts, what I feel more comfortable with and to live a life following Jesus and His ways.
Coming from New Zealand, these kind of questions had challenged me before, but in moving over here, to Uptown Chicago, my circumstances changed. This meant I now had to cope with different problems and issues; new challenges and situations surfaced, and they rocked my faith in new ways! 
When I head off to work every day, these new circumstances cause me to ask myself questions and pray for answers; "How should I respond when someone plays me for a fool? How should I react when someone cusses me out? What should I do when someone threatens a friend? What should I do when someone repeat…