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Movement of Irremovable Rejects!

I'm not just speaking about the "least"; I'm speaking about the "least of the least" 
I'm not just referring to the "homeless"; I'm referring to the "chronically homeless"
I'm not just talking about the "sick"; I'm talking about the "frightfully sick"
I'm writing about a group of people who gravely exceed the normal bias and prejudice that the majority of the homeless population receive. I'm delving into a group of folk who even homeless people "love to hate"; an isolated section of society that is scorned without remorse. I'm speaking about individuals who seem to face greater adversary, rejection and humiliation than any other section in modern day America.
It is the sad reality that many of these folk have been so alienated, that most homeless shelters even reject them, causing them to sleep outside in parks, on trains, under viaducts, in abandoned buildings and on load…

Hope for Our Homeless Veterans!

Pain is seen in their eyes Anger is seen upon their foreheads Confusion is seen in their wanderings Distance is seen upon their hearts
Crying for patience Acceptance beckons to be found Crying for family Love beckons to be seen
Lost, they wander in the shadows Lost, they search for meaning Lost, in homelessness they arrive Lost, they hurry up and wait
A light shimmers Glowing a little brighter Guiding their broken vessel A new dawn has come....
and a sparkle of hope is finally seen in their countenance... 
The number of homeless veterans we house at Cornerstone Community Outreach fluctuates, with the highest percentage living in our single men's programs. On any given night, veterans average between 15-20% of the single men residing in our facilities. Yet we also find a variable number of veterans scattered throughout our other programs; at this particular time, we know of 2 single women and a few men living our family programs; like presently, a father with his son and a grandfather stay…