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Displacing An Already Displaced People!

Walking down Wilson, my street I call home
Walking through Uptown, my ‘hood I call home
My home, where change is tearing apart it’s very fabric
My home, sadly displacing an already displaced people

Buildings rising up before my eyes
The streets becoming more silent
Building up and casting out
The streets becoming less diverse

oh...the ongoing curse of gentrification

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
The marginalized are sacrificed to appease vanity
Deceiving words promote a brighter future
The poor languish in the name of progress 

Oh...the bitter deafening cries of “holier-than-thou”

Exclusive block clubs use their power to exclude
Segregating officials use their criminalizing prowess to further segregate
Predatory developers use their wealth to pounce on their prey
Discriminatory committees use the system to discriminate

Why do tent cities live rent-free in the minds of the wealthy? Why does a transient hotel full of poor old men terrify those relaxing on couches? Why does Section 8 housing occupy t…