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Getting Identification!

Many reading this may wonder why I’d waste my time writing about getting identification. You may ask: what's the big deal about getting an ID? It should be easy! Such a task should be an easily-obtained accomplishment, and the truth is, for most people like myself it is simply an aggravating nuisance interrupting our occupied lives! 

Yet, for those living in poverty, for those who are homeless, they are struck by numerous debilitating complications and barriers, often making the process almost impossible!
For several months we’ve been trying to help one elderly gentleman get his State ID. He came to CCO with nothing! His case isn’t unusual, as many people come to us with nothing or next-to-nothing. No State ID. No Driver’s License. No birth certificate. No Social Security Card. No Passport. No DD214. No income. 
They want these documents, but for various reasons the hurdles are enormous! Did you know that opportunities like housing, benefits and employment fade away because people do…