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Embracing the Chaos

I'm writing this as a personal reflection about some of the ways I've been challenged or some of the things I've learned in the past year. 

I've just gone through a season where it seems everything isconfusing, chaotic and crazy. This craziness is exemplified because I’ve dedicated my life to living in a community and working with and around those experiencing homelessness.
The cries of desperation and pleas for survival over the cold months has been my experience every single year I’ve lived in Chicago. This insanity and chaos embraces Christmas, the month of December and goes well into the new year! Yet, I’m happy to say, this season has also always been a great time of blessing and being uplifted. But, it's not for the usual reasons.
During this past year, I have been challenged to embrace some attitudes in new and different ways. I’ve often heaped unnecessary guilt and shame upon myself because I tend to find fulfillment or meaning in things that make others quest…