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Busy and Overwhelmed!

Thomas would run around, all hyped up and doing everything. But he had a big problem; he was so busy, that he kept running past the opportunities that were staring him in his face. He would beat himself up, he would get frustrated and confused; he couldn't understand why he was doing so much, yet he wasn't moving forward.
One day, I managed to get him to stop. I told him, "you need to slow down, so you can get something done!" He actually listened, he slowed down and started doing what he needed to do. As a result, and after a decade of being homeless, Thomas managed to get himself an income and move into his own apartment. He's still there today!
Thomas isn't the only one; I see it happen all time; I'm guilty of the same thing! We rush around at a rapid pace, only to end up exploding. It's only when we slow down, while still doing what we need to do, that we are finally able to move forward! 
This year has been unusual for me! I've either been e…

Learning To Leap!

When I was a youngster, I was a nervous kid who struggled with a lot of fear. Now understand, I wasn’t afraid of things like the dark or monsters in the closet. No, my fears were far more mundane.*

For me, my fears revolved around interacting with other people. They stemmed for being very socially anxious, and even at a young age, I thought most people were better than me. I was this shy kid, that often stood back and watched kids my age do the things I wanted to do. I’d envy their gumption and abilities, while despising and hating my own hesitations and lack of courage. 

I’d try to function in public, but it was never easy. Actually, it was incredibly hard. I lived in this perpetual state of comparing myself to others and fearing how they would perceive or judge me. I didn't think I was good enough, and I suspected they all agreed.
My social anxiety held me back dreadfully. I’d wrestle relentlessly with myself, wanting to move forward or start something, but often feeling I was unab…