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My Journey to Hope

BACK THEN: My Own Hopelessness
As a teenager, I fell into a dark place. A very dark place! I felt no hope; there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Hopelessness and despair had consumed me, and so much so, I was convinced that death was the only way out! 
Obviously, I never made that fatal step and never made a suicidal attempt. What I did do daily is this; I would play with razor blades on my wrists and beg to God that I’d slip or that He would just end it all for me. 
Every Sunday evening, I went to church at the time. I went because my parents forced me too, not because I wanted too. In my own passive-aggressive resistance, I arrived late and left early, justifying myself to be consumed with all the depressing, judgmental and angry thoughts that circled throughout my whole being! 
Hope could not be found, so I returned home and played 2 Metallica songs “One" and "To live is to die" over and over and over again at full volume until the rest of my family came home. Thi…

Malachi's Woes!

I write this lamenting over a friend of mine. We'll call him Malachi.  
I write this lamenting over the prejudices and inequality of the "war on drugs"
I write this lamenting over the cruel and racist policies of mass incarceration.  
I write this lamenting over those experiencing homelessness and their struggles to escape its vicious grip.  
I write this as another illustration of what I detailed in my recent post: It's Political: The Punishments Do Not Fit the Crimes!

Malachi was homeless, actively seeking an apartment. He's around 60 years old, has congestive heart failure and a few other ailments. I've known him for over 15 years now and most people view him as this happy gentle giant who is always friendly and kind.

Last week I got a call from someone I network with; he was looking for Malachi because his name had finally "come up" on the housing database which means he's eligible for subsidized housing, immediately. I was overjoyed for him. It w…