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My Humble Hero

I sit here writing this in New Zealand and on a couple airplanes. In mid May, I took the wonderful opportunity to fly down to Aotearoa to mourn the loss and celebrate the life of my Uncle Wayne. After living a good long life, he passed away at the age of 90, on May 14th 2013. 

I would consider Uncle Wayne one of my heroes! This honor doesn't come easy; there are a few good men of faith I aspire to emulate, and my uncle stands tall among them. Anyone who knew Uncle Wayne, knows it is impossible to think of him without also thinking of his lovely wife, my Aunty Veta; until death separated them last week, they had been inseparable for 65 years of marriage and have both always been marvelous examples to me in so many different ways....
When I consider Uncle Wayne's legacy, I can marvel at his faithful and reliable service as a navigator in World War 2, his long career as he moved up Auckland City Council and all he did for the Church he helped to found; Kaurilands Church of Christ…