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Unforgiven Transgressions

We've deemed one section of society.... Forgiven We've dubbed another section.... Unforgiven ....for the same transgression!
Deemed with opportunities   Dubbed with consequences  Deemed with freedom Dubbed with chains ....for the same transgression!
As the Deemed embrace liberty the Dubbed are cuffed to imprisonment As the Deemed live with  the Dubbed suffer without ....for the same transgression!
dubbed without homes dubbed without employment dubbed without money dubbed without opportunity ....for the same transgression!
The Law has deemedmanyinvisible while dubbing many others visible Though deemed exoneratedand forgiven they still cry "we dub you unforgiven!" ....for the same transgression!
As we deem some and dub others.... the tears of Jesus fall upon the sand
He's crouching and writing unknown words   they'd asked for His words of judgement seeking His permission needing His justification 
Yet in an act of defiance Jesus rises from the sand and humbly proclaims "he…

An Unusual Friendship

My 7 year old daughter is a friend with the self-proclaimed "craziest man in Uptown!"
On one particular warm summer evening, Muriwai and I bumped into him on the street. He is 6 ft 3, extremely loud, psychotically laughs like a maniac at everything he says, is highly energetic, doesn't control his tongue well and always engages us. As he focuses on my little girl, she smiles shyly! On this particular day, some nervous bystanders watch, as this overly emotional sweating black man engages this calm little white girl, but all is good as he tells her some crazy joke about nothing and bursts into laughter that was loud enough to shatter all surrounding ear drums.    
I realize my innocent little sweetie pie is a buddy with a man who yells out his catch phrase; "I'm crazy, very crazzzzzzzyyyyyyy, the craziest man in Uptown, but..... don't call me stupid, coz I ain't stupid!" He does this while beating his chest, bugging out his eyes, screami…

Judgement and Redemption

Too often we see.... It's so easy to pull the trigger It's so easy to say "lock 'em up" It's so easy to cry "put them out" It's so easy to demonize "them"  It's so easy to be a Pharisee  
Many times we see.... The mob captivating and motivating The mob causing us to pick up stones The mob ready to execute fragile souls The mob devoured by propaganda The mob destroying our liberated minds 
Some times we see....  The loving Rebel standing alone The loving Rebel crouching in tension The loving Rebel peacefully writing in the sand The loving Rebel quietly challenging The loving Rebel dispersing the mob 
Once we saw.... Miraculously  The condemned Weak fragile woman Freely departing Condemned No more! 
Now we must see.... Rebels standing and living on their block Rebels sitting and listening to their stories Rebels wearing their worn-out shoes Rebels getting dirty and empathizing! Rebels living our own incarnations
Then we'll be seeing..…