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Possessing Unusual Hope

As I sit here typing this, I am overlooking Huia and the Manukau Harbour, I am gazing out toward Whatipu and the great powerful Pacific Ocean. Bees are buzzing about, a variety of birds are swooping in and out of the freshly blossoming Pohutakawa tree that hangs over the incoming tide and all the colours that surround us sings of life. Cyrus and Muriwai constantly and gleefully play in the water, sand and grass, soaking in that abundance of life. When the tide retreats, our little whanau* wanders around this beach’s many jagged points, discovering a whole new world of life; under rocks, in pools of water and in every crack and cranny. We marvel at all the crabs, oyster catchers, mussels, herons, pukeko, starfish and jellyfish. Its beauty is virtually impossible to describe. Life, an abundance of life, is happening in Huia! This trip, our Creator even blessed us with finding a living octopus resting in one of the rock pools; a sight many of the longtime Huia locals have never been pri…