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"Why Are So Many Veterans Homeless?"

My family and I travel down to New Zealand about every 3 years to visit our friends, family and Church; yet recently, I also had the privilege of making an unexpected and bittersweet journey to the country of my birth; I went to mourn the death, while also celebrating the wonderful long life of my Uncle Wayne; he is my humble hero, a wonderful example and a World War 2 veteran!

Every time we make this journey "down-under", we have the honor of spending a lot of time speaking about what we do and how we work with homeless folk in Uptown, Chicago. Whether it's in front of Titirangi Baptist Church, in a home-group or just chatting with a friend over a meal, people are genuinely interested and bombard us with heaps of relevant questions. Responding to these questions is never difficult or frustrating, we actually find all the sharing quite enjoyable.

Most of the kiwis (New Zealanders) we chat with have seen multiple images of homeless men and women sleeping on benches, pushi…