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Bringing Life Out of the Decay!

We are quickly approaching another Chitown winter.....

A little less than a year ago, we struggled through another harsh and brutal Chicago winter, and through it, I was (once again) reminded how "life and death" rests in my feeble and incapable hands. This season is difficult, I always feel inept, as the needs are constantly there and are often life threatening. This daunting reality is very real and the weight is extremely heavy....
As I write this, I have a few friends who weigh heavily on my heart and in my mind. I know of 4 men who lost toes last winter, due to frostbite! I know plenty of others who got frostbitten; they had blackened skin and were on the brink of losing digits, but were thankfully rescued before it got too bad and deep.
I want to highlight one of these guys: He was homeless, sleeping in the parks and under the viaducts of both Uptown and Edgewater. He told me about one frigidly cold November night; he was sleeping on a park bench and someone had the audac…

Angry Over Rumors

I work in a place that gives people experiencing homelessness chances to step up and take the opportunities we have to offer. Whether it's employment, housing, sobriety or volunteering, I find it a privilege and an honor! I love being able to offer people these opportunities.
I also love watching people grab the "bull by the horns" and go with it. I love seeing God transform someone who's been in prison, someone who's addicted, gang-banging or whatever their vice may be, and watch them change and move forward. I love watching people grab the opportunities and sober up, find housing and get jobs! 

I love seeing all that, but unfortunately, there's something that often goes with it! Something I hate! Something that drives me crazy. Too often there are people, (or as the person asking question puts it), there are snakes in the grass spreading rumors, gossiping and trying to bring these people down. Unfortunately, it's something I see all the time. 
Just last we…

Bread of Life

I want to tell you about a friend of mine; we'll call him James! He was homeless. He'd been homeless a long time! He slept in places like behind the CVS down the street, in the park or under the Wilson viaduct. It didn't matter if it was the dead of winter or in the height of the summer heat; James could be found sleeping outside, normally somewhere around here in Uptown. 
After years of being "out there", the streets and the weather started to hit him hard. He looked terrible! He was very confused. A few of his buddies stayed at the shelter, they were worried about him and tried talking him into coming inside, but for some reason, he'd always resist. Outreach workers also tried to engage him, but he'd always say "no" to us as well! 
After years of suffering, he got "tired of being tired", he knew he needed help and an answer, so finally he came into CCO. 
Coming inside had an instant impact, he started looking healthier! Immediately! It&…