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Difficult Choices

I have never encountered this problem personally within my family, but it's something I've had to deal with many times over the years. I work at a homeless shelter, and there are times when people come, we develop a strong bond with them, but things get out of control, which causes us to have to make some difficult choices. 

Making these hard decisions is never easy or simple. In fact, there are times, when making these decisions feels so heavy, that I've been left feeling drained and unable to sleep. Dealing with this drama will impact the people we love! It will affect us, affect them and affect those around us. 
A few years ago I knew this guy named Troy. He was homeless and lived on the streets for years. We got on really well. He was an older guy who loved Jesus and the Bible. But when he would get drunk, he became very loud, aggressive and opinionated. There were times I'd find him sleeping in alleyways and other dangerous places, making me very concerned for his h…

Hungry and Thirsty

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be satisfied." 
I had to memorize this verse and the rest of the beatitudes when I was a child. What they meant to me 25 to 30 years ago, is so different to my understanding today! 
What were once "feel good" sayings, are now words of inspiration, of encouragement, of conviction and of challange! These beatitudes, are words, that should embrace every millimeter of our lives, not just snippets of it. These are words that bring the Kingdom of God to earth and in our midst! These are words that should embrace the whole Christian community, not just us as individuals. These beatitudes, are words, that should bring us closer to God, words that inspire us to be more like Jesus and to follow His ways!
Jesus embraced all the beatitudes 24/7, with His whole life. These words were lived out, in both word and deed, internally and externally, wherever He went. He brought His Kingdom to earth, and lived o…