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Extreme Weather Ain’t No Joke

Weather like today’s ain’t no joke! 
It's brutal.
It's deadly.

But what about those experiencing homelessness?
How do they escape it’s deadly grip when it’s more likely to grasp them with a vicelike tenacity? 
They announce, “don’t go outside!”  They announce, “check on your neighbors, especially if they’re old or sick!”  They announce, “if you have to go outside, don’t linger!”
But how do you do that if you’re experiencing homelessness?  How can they obey these rules when society keeps shutting them out, shoving them around, and pushing them down? 
It’s so frigidly oppressive, they’ve shut down schools. It’s so detrimentally risky, many businesses are closed. It’s so fatalistically brutal, many workers are staying home in bed. 
But what about our friends experiencing homelessness?  How will they escape this brutal wave of frigidly oppressive weather swooping down on them? 
The threat of frostbite is real.  As is hypothermia
...and even freezing to death. Walking to a shelter 
Waiting for the tr…