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Hard Conversations!

I believe tonight's question or topic spans well beyond just our children. I believe this topic challenges us all in different ways. If we love anybody, if we care about anybody, tonight's question is very relevant to us. It is relevant if we are surrounded by families, friends and co-workers! This topic is relevant because we're all surrounded by people who love us and we love them.
Because of this Love, we'll be faced, time and time again, with the daunting task of having to have "hard conversations" with people we love dearly. These conversations are never easy, in fact, they're often downright stressful and difficult, but they need to be spoken.
On a personal note, I don't like to initiate these "hard conversations" and I certainly don't like being on the receiving end of them either. Yet, because I help run a homeless shelter and I love the folks we work with, I find myself constantly having to have these "hard conversations&quo…

Hiding From The World.

How does a "chronically homeless person", someone who is hiding from the world, too ashamed to be seen in public and too scared to ask for help, eventually achieve their goal and obtain a place to live?

We need to throw away all the myths that exclaim that most homeless people are flamboyant extroverts, who bounce up to any random stranger, tell extravagant fibs, while begging mercilessly for a "little something" to overcome their mysterious hurdles. We also need to toss away the misconceptions that all homeless people will confidently and frequently flood social services agencies, homeless shelters and their local governmental authorities crying "HELP".

Some will, BUT let me tell you, and trust me when I tell you, most WON'T and DON'T! 

The majority of homeless people hide in the cracks, wanting to rise, wanting help and assistance, but they're unable or unsure of how to navigate through our very complicated system that has divided this nation…

Muriwai's Special Get-Away.

This last weekend, our family went on a very long drive to attend a picnic in Harrison, Ohio! But it wasn't just any picnic, it was the annual Helping Hands Midwest get-together; an event that gives families with upper body limb differences the opportunity to come together and meet other families who have similar differences. Beth and I wanted Muriwai to meet other kids and adults who also have their own "special arms".

This was the first time we attended this picnic, and it definitely won't be the last! Every time we attend events like these, we are struck by the confidence, strength, courage and joy that radiates throughout this community. Waiwai exudes that energy, and she never stopped smiling and chatting throughout the whole weekend. That's how much she loved it! Big brother Cyrus thoroughly enjoyed the weekend also.
The weekend consisted of 3 events; an early afternoon picnic in a beautiful park, an evening Tony Memmel concert in a local hall and breakfast …