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Wow..... What a Week!

WOW..... What a week! 

Occasionally, (too frequently), I have one of those weeks where everything seems to hit me at once. The first week of February was one of those times, I was surrounded by never ending reports, conflicts, needs, tensions, emergencies, frigid weather and a whole lot of snow! 
The purpose of this post is not to dwell on all that; instead, I'm going to turn my attention to something else that also seems to happen frequently; something I have to remember (and remind myself) when those highly stressful times seem daunting and overwhelming.....
Good things are happening in Cornerstone Community Outreach; I can testify that God continues to actively work among our people, He is loving them and not forgetting the "least of these". I can testify that miracles continually rise out of all the cloudy mayhem! 
When we become so focused on all the constant chaos, we often end up being blinded by the drama, which unfortunately results in not being able to see the endl…

Tears and Prayers.

I think it's safe to say; we all want to be closer to God in one way or another. We wish God would reach down and touch us, pat us on the back and say "well done my friend, I'm proud of you, you've been doing great!" We want God to have our backs, we want God to make our lives easier and stress free, we want God to give us direction. We want to feel His presence. We want Him to be visible to us. We want Him to be on our side! We want Him to carry us through our difficult times.

But, it doesn't always work out that way, does it? I think it's also safe to say; there are also times we don't desire that closeness! We want to run away. There are also times when a "close" and Personal God seems to be a terrifying thought! How about when we know we've been doing wrong, making bad choices or we feel God is calling us to do something difficult? These are times we don't want God getting into our space, because we don't want to be rebuked, …