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Courageous Youngsters

A couple Saturday's ago, our family went on an outing to the Children's Museum at Navy Pier. We went to meet up with a group of other youngsters who have the same or similar "limb differences" as Muriwai; our beautiful 8 year old daughter who was born without her left hand! This event was organized by Born Just Right; an online community started and inspired by a mother (Jen Lee Reeves), who has a 7 year old daughter (Jordan) with a "limb difference" very similar to Muriwai's. They had provided us all with free tickets to the Museum and a meal each from Navy Pier's food court.

It was a truly wonderful day, as we were able to meet with other families who had also made concerted efforts to travel to downtown, Chicago, or into the big city! We all went with the sole purpose of wanting to connect with other folks who share similar experiences and stories. To my understanding, over 40 people attended, and it was great to meet and chat at length with Ryan…