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Christmas For The Ignored and Abandoned! Part 2

On Tuesday morning we handed out gifts to all the families who stay with us at Cornerstone. Presents are also given to those families who were once homeless and are now housed, along with some parents and grandparents who can't afford to buy their "little ones" anything this Christmas.
The tireless workers ensure that every child, along with every parent, receives gifts! It is truly remarkable! It involves many donors, volunteers and staff dedicating an enormous amount of love, time, effort and money for our families who are experiencing homelessness. Every year I marvel how it all comes together and how hundreds of women, men and children are blessed! I marvel at how those who often feel unloved and rejected, feel loved and accepted during this season! 
Each family receives a variety of wrapped gifts that are "age-appropriate". We were able to give away presents like basketballs, dolls, games, lego sets, art kits, books and countless other toys! The children all…

Christmas For the Ignored and Abandoned.

On Friday we had our annual Christmas party for the men who stay with us at Cornerstone. It was also attended by those who were once homeless and are now housed, and also by some of the homeless men who sleep outside in the neighborhood.
We had a great meal of bbq chicken, pork chops, mac'n'cheese, spaghetti, rolls, salad and cake. It was delicious and they all loved it. 
Each man received a bag with a variety of gifts. We were able to give away presents like hoodies, hats, gloves, scarves, high quality dress-shirts and pants, peanuts, chocolates, flashlights, hygiene kits, gift cards and many other things. 
Everyone who attended was incredibly grateful and had a wonderful time. They kept saying "thank you" over and over again!
Men who are experiencing homelessness, are often ignored and forgotten during the Christmas season. Many of these men do not expect anything. They, unfortunately, are expecting to be ignored and forgotten again. 
So, it is always a joy to be part o…

Breaking the Cycle!

When I first read tonight's question; I immediately thought of an elderly friend of mine who passed away a couple years ago. His name is Troy. This man's story showed me how change, even good change, can be scary and can intimidate us.
I'm going to head back to 2007; Troy was homeless, so we took him in and gave him a bed with us at Cornerstone. Troy had a reputation of being a hardcore alcoholic; he was known for sleeping in dirty alley ways or under viaducts, coddling a bottle of gin. He was doing well with us and staying sober. He hadn't touched a lick for months. I'd go to his area, his bed was perfectly made and his King James bible was always open. It was a good sign! We'd play chess together, have deep theological discussions and he'd attend a bible study Darrell and I were running at the time. 
I was proud of him, he'd come a long way. Our shelter was good for him. Troy had found freedom from the bottle and was doing great! Our goal at Cornerst…