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He broke Revolutionary rules....

Jesus broke the rules of revolutionary action; he did not tolerate the use of violence or abuse the power available to him! Jesus defended the poor and sinners through controversial stories, subversive deeds and initiating a Kingdom that blessed the weak, oppressed, afflicted and poverty stricken. He cried out dreadful woes and challenged the system of the arrogant, obnoxious, rich and powerful religious and political leaders! The coming of his kingdom bought about a revolution that cried love, shalom, forgiveness, mercy and grace! His message was simple: become like a child, become poor, become meek and humbly come to Me and My Kingdom is yours!

Stagnant Transformation

sitting happily complacent
my stability so content and stagnant

Jesus declares "oh what a tragedy!
I will never leave you where you are
receive My firm but gentle push"

humbly i submit
humbly i bow
humbly i pray
humbly I need....

forward movement despite reluctance
cleansing when I think nothing's wrong
renewal despite self righteous pride
Grace transforming my stubborn self
and moving me beyond my fragile dreams

Hope must empower us; to pray, take risks and for action. If it doesn't; the Kingdom of God within us becomes a meaningless, sterile contemplation.

Freed From Animosity!

As Phillip was talking, I started visualizing a scene similar to "Taxi Driver". A transient hotel. Tight stairways. A trail of blood. A very angry man and two extremely scared men trying to get away, and just LIVE.....

Janice invites these two homeless men into her apartment. She knows them well. She has a case of beer and wants some drinking partners. Being alcoholics and homeless, they oblige. They're drinking, laughing, singing and telling stories. After a few hours, the alcohol is gone, so Janice steps out to go to the liquor store.

JD has been out all day, steps into his apartment and finds Phillip and Drew chilling in HIS apartment. They were laughing, yelling and intoxicated in HIS house. He knows them, but he does not want them in HIS house. It doesn't matter that his girlfriend invited them in, he simply does not want them there; they were drinking up HIS money, the money he received being a respected Vietnam vet and a prisoner of war.

JD walks i…

Danny: from prison whites to heavenly glory


I remember the day you stepped into my life

I remember how you gave me attitude!

I remember when you fled in disgust

I remember your humble return!

I remember how you learned the evils of an unjust society

I remember how your dreams would shatter

yet I remembered how you continued to dream simple dreams

... and we became friends

My friend:

you were imprisoned for a crime you did not commit

that unjust felony scarred your short fragile life

you were the victim of people's greed

you were the victim of people's pain

you were the victim of a system corrupted

you were the victim of people's rejection

yet you stood ever strong in the face of too much adversity!

... and we became brothers

My brother:

I remember when you shared your life story

I remember trying to process the unspeakable horrors you endured

I sat before you absolutely stunned

I tried to fill my heart with empathy

yet we grieved together

we wept together

we prayed together

... and you became like a son to me

Loving our Orphans

When I came to Chicago, I noticed that our call for compassion cannot be lived as an idealistic dream. One night, I gazed at all the sleeping homeless men and realized I was standing in the midst of a sea of orphans; a hundred guys without families, ostracized and seeking someone to listen to their endless stories. I was encountering anger, grief, hopelessness, mental illness and incarceration, not a cute little orphan boy begging for another plate of food.

We unconsciously commit acts of neglect and favoritism when we conform or are stained by this cruel world. The weak get weaker, the poor get poorer and the defenseless continue to be enslaved by dominating forces. Our challenge is to wash away that dreadful stain, by not conforming to the pattern of this world!

As the world teaches us to prioritize money, power and popularity, we lose the capability to truly love and experience the biblical vision of “pure religion”. James was calling his listeners to live stain-free, by taking som…