Danny: from prison whites to heavenly glory


I remember the day you stepped into my life

I remember how you gave me attitude!

I remember when you fled in disgust

I remember your humble return!

I remember how you learned the evils of an unjust society

I remember how your dreams would shatter

yet I remembered how you continued to dream simple dreams

... and we became friends

My friend:

you were imprisoned for a crime you did not commit

that unjust felony scarred your short fragile life

you were the victim of people's greed

you were the victim of people's pain

you were the victim of a system corrupted

you were the victim of people's rejection

yet you stood ever strong in the face of too much adversity!

... and we became brothers

My brother:

I remember when you shared your life story

I remember trying to process the unspeakable horrors you endured

I sat before you absolutely stunned

I tried to fill my heart with empathy

yet we grieved together

we wept together

we prayed together

... and you became like a son to me

My son:

the pain you endured was too heavy to bear

I prayed that your tradegies wouldn't turn to bitterness

I prayed you would know your heavenly Father's love

I prayed ....

we joined forces with some revolutionary love rejects

we fought the systems that labeled you unforgiven

together we struggled to walk the mountainous journey

yet we unified with many

with perseverence

and you got yourself a place to call your own

and we all held hands

and you received a home

Then suddenly....

as he appeared before me years ago dressed in his prison whites


my friend

my brother

my son

disappeared into the loving arms of his grace-filled heavenly Father

who sent His son into this corrupt world

to bless the poor in spirit

to bless those who mourn

and set the captives free

Rest In Peace Danny Maynard
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