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How to traumatize an already traumatized people.

How do you traumatize an already traumatized people? 

It's simple really, just post a sign telling folks you'll be sweeping the street 2 days before Christmas, make them move all their belongings and tents from the damp concrete to the snowy hillside, and then send an army of workers to execute the plan. Keep them on their toes with how these sweeps will go, making them fear being arrested and their stuff being tossed. Not only that, use your power and privilege by trying to convince everyone you're doing it all for their own good and well being.

It's a known fact that most people experiencing homelessness have been through various forms of trauma throughout their lives and the act of becoming homeless is traumatic! War, rape, prison, and domestic violence are just some of the traumatic events people have been through and then add to that the trauma of becoming and being homeless. Homelessness itself deprives people of their basic needs and puts them in constant unpredi…

Stings, Sweeps, Spinsters and Successes!

What a year! 
I live in an extremely diverse neighborhood; where rich and poor come together, where different religions, ethnicities and races live in close proximity and have to face one another. This is a beautiful thing, but to some, this diversity sadly causes rage, harassment of the poor and bullying of the weak. Uptown is never a dull place, full of lovers and haters, full of her vast contrasts, striking contradictions and beautiful community!
With this mind; 2016 has been a year plagued with many negative ramifications and cruel tactics, yet despite it all, hope continues to rise out of the ashes of despair. Despite all the complexity of this year, I want to sum 2016 up with 4 words; Stings, Sweeps, Spinsters and Successes!
Stings: The leadership in our neighborhood oversaw 2 major drug busts this year in Uptown, where combined, over 50 people were arrested. Our alderman and other leaders used their tools of propaganda to highlight how they'd captured drug lords and the com…

People Pleasers

I don't like to disappoint people.
I don't like to make people upset.  I want to give people what they want when they want it and how they want it! 
To be honest with you, I want to please those around me, so when I can't do that, it troubles me! It worries me! I've gone to bed too many times with a heavy heart, knowing I've disappointed someone. I've lost sleep too many times, with someone "living rent-free in my head!"
To those who have this struggle, I'm with you! I understand. As long as I can remember, I've battled with being a "people pleaser". It's not easy. I hate to say "no", even when the answer is blatantly obvious.
Because I feel so weak in this area, it's something I've often had to pray about and seek God's grace about. As my life has become busier and I've been given more responsibilities, I've had to face this. I can't just push it under the rug anymore. As much as I've wanted to…