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Learning to Be Content!

I'm going to be honest with you all; this is the time of year when it's harder for me to control my desire for things, my lustful feelings and my envy! Let me explain why....
As you know, with what's been labeled as a "polar vortex", it's been extremely cold here in Chicago, which means my workload and the intensity of my job has greatly increased; there's a heavy weight placed upon my shoulders, knowing homeless folk, especially those sleeping "rough", could literally freeze to death tonight! I was born and raised in New Zealand, so right now, they're all enjoying a beautifully warm summer. This is the time where I see photos posted on Facebook and the internet of my family and friends cruising to beaches, relaxing, enjoying their holidays and spending precious time with their loved ones. When I see and hear all this, it's easy to compare, to easy feel sorry for myself, desire what they have and look across the ocean with envy.