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In Need of Recovery! (Bridge Message)

When I go to work every day, I am struck by how many people struggle to deal with whatever they've done in their past. Whether it's prostitution, violence, an addiction, thievery or a combination of it all, their past is painful, their past is real, their guilt is crippling and they struggle to keep moving forward. 
The same can be said about all the people I meet every day struggling to deal with all the awful and painful things that have been done to them. Again, it is painful, it is real and it often causes them to suffer. 
Every day, because of this, I see people living in immense guilt, suffering and struggling because of things in their pasts. They cannot forgive themselves and the burden they feel is incredible. They believe they've done too much and too much has been done to them, so in their despair, they believe they cannot be forgiven. They believe they are not worthy of God's grace and forgiveness. They believe that they've gone too far down the wrong pat…