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it's time to talk politics!

I can only marvel and bow in prayer at the events of the last few months!

I wish to bring three events: the first is a national problem, the second hurts those in Illinois and the third hits me in my local community.

I watch the presidential debates and they argue over how they will handle the present economic crisis. I watch the government commit to give away $700 billion dollars! Yet, STILL, Wall Street continues to crash! I don't understand it, but I am amused and bewildered at the pictures of men in suits displaying poses of devastation as they see their glorious system crash. Yet, I know it is not good! As that enormous figure ($700 billion) rattles in our minds, Obama and McCain talk of the effect on Wall St and Main St, I cry "let's mention Poverty St!" I lament in noticing that the poor seem to be ignored on both sides, with McCain loving on the wealthy and Obama speaking to the hard working middle class struggling to survive week after week!

But, I think, we ne…