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Betrayed By A Friend!

It amazes me how often these questions from The Bridge relate directly to something happening in my life at the time. I ended up spending over half my day on Sunday helping a brother out in Cook County Jail. He had overreacted or wrongly reacted to a loved one who had ripped him off, taken advantage of him and played him. He thought he could trust her, but she betrayed him and played him for a fool, so he snapped. 
Unfortunately, I gotta be honest with you; This sort of dilemma happens time and time again at CCO, and it's always hard, very hard, to deal with. People build trust, they become friends and create bonds, only for one of them to end up getting ripped off, and to make it worse, it's often colored by countless lies and endless games! 

I've seen people want to kill or maim each other over this sort of drama. Especially when money's involved, everything starts going crazy. The rage starts, the intensity increases and revenge seems to be the only answe…