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Stinky Shorts in Frigid Temperatures

It's such a difficult life for some! Their reality is extremely different from the norm, but it's very real to them!
... and that's what I have to remember ..... Always!
No matter how crazy they may seem, no matter how ludicrous, no matter how "out of this world", their lives are very real to them. More real than the iPod I'm holding and typing this on. I always have to remember that.
Alexander stunk bad. He had this putrid stench clinging onto him like a stubborn leach, and all the other men gradually drifted further and further away from him. They rushed upon us with a multitude of complaints, and every one of them was justified. Most homeless fellas clamber and fight over the blessed showers and a chance to do laundry, but not Alexander, he doesn't notice and is simply unfazed by the smell that is causing others to spray air freshener and cologne in his direction.
We had to do it, we had to bring him into the office and lay out the rules; "you gotta s…

Successfully Moving out of CCO

People are constantly moving out of their homeless situations and into their own apartments.

This reality comes about through a number of different factors: assessing our clients, caring for them and seeing them each as individuals (not a statistic or a number), meeting their specific needs and constantly networking with other agencies and outreach workers.

These photos are just a few of the many people we have helped successfully move into their own apartments. Each and every photo is more than a picture, each one tells a different story of struggle, networking, perseverance, love and hope. Each person needs congratulating.....

Connect onto the attached Link (Successful Movement Photo Album) on our Cornerstone Facebook Page to see more of our photos.

O Death, Where is Your Victory?

Death surrounds me. Constantly enveloping me! It is no joke, it creeps around seeking it's prey. Unexpectedly, nabbing another fragile victim. Together we grieve. Alone we mourn another tragedy. Countless tears flood their inner cliques.  Sparking an avalanche of emotion. Celebration rises from the dust. Life creeps around resurrecting the prey Death's grip loses it's crumbling power. Mortality has become immortality. The perishable are raised imperishable The dishonorable are raised in glory The weak are raised in power The natural are raised spiritual "Death has been swallowed up in victory." We were really surprised at Muriwai's response. When she heard of Bob's passing, she burst into tears and screamed out, "…