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visiting prisoners....

Over breakfast yesterday, I had this discussion with my two children:

"Today Darrell and I going to visit a friend in prison, so I'll be gone most of the day."
 they look at me with horrified stares
 I explain to them that people are lonely in prison and Jesus wants us to visit them.
 They still have a worried look on their faces, so I say....
 "Don't worry, daddy will be alright; Louis is a nice guy, he didn't hurt anyone or steal anything."
 horrified again; "then why's he in jail?"
 "he had something in his pocket he shouldn't have had!"
 looking at their own pockets, they were horrified again; "what did he have daddy?"
 reluctantly I say; "something called drugs"
 "what's drugs daddy?"
 then I try and explain to them what drugs are, but they are very confused with many more questions circling around their young minds...
 they just want to keep on saying "why? why? why? why does yo…