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Pictures of Hope!

Just a glimpse of some of the HOPE that floods forth in Uptown....

This is a visual diary of many homeless people who once were homeless and are now permanently housed. All these wonderful people have very different stories, were once homeless for a huge range of reasons and were also homeless for various time periods. They were all helped and assisted, directly or indirectly, by us at Cornerstone Community Outreach....

We are so thankful to know each and every one them.

Join us and celebrate all these successful moves with us....

Stains Of Hope!

There are days when I feel the walls closing in....
There are days when all the issues seem insurmountable....
There are days when hope seems to have vanished and taken an early vacation....

When these days arise, the wisest thing for me to do is to take some time, and go for a midday wander around the neighborhood. This gives me the opportunity to rejuvenate and refocus. These wanderings help me recenter my thoughts and prayers on God; the One who helps me "be still" in all the chaotic madness that can overwhelm us at CCO.

Today I went on one of those walks....

As I rounded the corner, I was surrounded by undeniable, unforgettable and unusual hope! I was on the corner many people in Uptown perceive as blighted and a disgrace to the "hood", but today, I was seeing and experiencing hope. I was standing on Wilson and Broadway, celebrating all the success and movement that was embracing me.

Within a space of less than 100 meters, I was privileged to be shaking the hands…

Blessed Non-Conformity

I see an ocean of people
just sitting, waiting, longing
for hope, a chance, deliverance!

They wish to break free
from life's demoralizing cycle
to find freedom from the masses.

A propaganda of materialistic hope
drowns us Into believing
the complete falsity of it all.

Hope and deliverance smiles
compassionately revealing themselves
in contradictions and the Truth.

The Kingdom rose from the dust
with bloody nail scarred hands
calling individuals to loving rebellion

The path of Blessed Non-conformity
has rescued us and tossed us
in the Eternal Ocean of His Love

It Just Ain't That Simple!

Let me tell you; it just ain't that simple!

There's a lofty myth floating around Uptown, Chicago; it claims that getting into permanent housing for chronically homeless people is a relatively easy task; all someone needs to do is, put in a little effort, and then, simply reach out and grab it! But, let me tell you; it just ain't that simple!

Uptown's been all over the Chicago news recently, intensifying this very myth! A myth that trickles well beyond the borders of the 46th Ward and splatters itself in various forms throughout this country and the whole world....
As we observe hordes and hordes of poverty-stricken and homeless men, women and children lining up for shelter, food and clothing throughout our neighborhoods, it triggers some form of emotion in each of us. As we see homeless people sleeping under viaducts, on loading docks and the trains we ride on, those same emotions are intensified! As some poor soul, with a dirty cup, staggers up to our cars, our movin…