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watching the world rush by.....

We stand huddled together on the sidewalk, watching a busy world rush by
We prop each other up, as the eclectic Uptown crowd frantically passes by
We stand motionless, in the midst of the noisy surrounding chaos
We blend into the cold brick walls, happily being ignored and forgotten
We are two joined together, with a strangely mysterious love

We watch, because that is what we do....

We are bonded together by the ongoing fate of the streets and our homeless conditions
We are bonded together by our merciless fears and courageous protection of each other
We are bonded together by that seducing bottle and crippling illnesses that threaten our daily existence
We are bonded together by our penniless lives and families who continually shun us without remorse
We are bonded together by our cries to the Merciful Father and our own helplessness

We are bonded together, we are Sheina and Archie and we exist under the noisy red line on Wilson....

We watch parents frantically strolling their childre…

Casting Stones! .... a study on the "war on drugs" and racism

They wanted to kill this woman.
They wanted to see her suffer.
They wanted to throw countless rocks at her.
They wanted to see this sinful woman die a horrible bloody death!
They wanted to be involved in this legalized murder, so they forced this helpless woman to stand before them in the middle of the temple courtyard!

They were accusers who also had ulterior motives.
They were a mob of ravenous righteous religious leaders.
They were considered the upright citizens of their day!
They were the dignified men who governed the day-to-day activities of first century Israel!
They were society’s daily watchers, condemners and judges.