Unforgiven Transgressions

We've deemed one section of society....
We've dubbed another section....
....for the same transgression!

Deemed with opportunities  
Dubbed with consequences 
Deemed with freedom  
Dubbed with chains
....for the same transgression! 

As the Deemed embrace liberty
the Dubbed are cuffed to imprisonment  
As the Deemed live with 
the Dubbed suffer without
....for the same transgression!

dubbed without homes
dubbed without employment
dubbed without money
dubbed without opportunity
....for the same transgression! 

The Law has deemed many invisible 
while dubbing many others visible
Though deemed exonerated and forgiven
they still cry "we dub you unforgiven!"
....for the same transgression! 

As we deem some
and dub others....
the tears of Jesus fall upon the sand

He's crouching
and writing unknown words  
they'd asked for His words of judgement
seeking His permission
needing His justification 

Yet in an act of defiance
Jesus rises from the sand 
and humbly proclaims
"he who is without sin....
cast the first stone!"
Embarrassingly one by one
the accusers dropped their heads
the accusers dropped their rocks 
and slowly vacated the scene
....for they were guilty of the same transgression!

Jesus rose from the sand
Looked around at emptiness
Lovingly gazed at the woman...
"woman, where are your accusers?"
"has no man condemned you?"

"neither do I condemn you!
Transgress no more 
Be free!

The "Dubbed Unforgiven" was deemed forgiven! 

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