Judgement and Redemption

Too often we see....
It's so easy to pull the trigger
It's so easy to say "lock 'em up"
It's so easy to cry "put them out"
It's so easy to demonize "them" 
It's so easy to be a Pharisee  

Many times we see....
The mob captivating and motivating
The mob causing us to pick up stones
The mob ready to execute fragile souls
The mob devoured by propaganda
The mob destroying our liberated minds 

Some times we see.... 
The loving Rebel standing alone
The loving Rebel crouching in tension
The loving Rebel peacefully writing in the sand
The loving Rebel quietly challenging
The loving Rebel dispersing the mob 

Once we saw....
The condemned
Weak fragile woman
Freely departing
Condemned No more! 

Now we must see....
Rebels standing and living on their block
Rebels sitting and listening to their stories
Rebels wearing their worn-out shoes
Rebels getting dirty and empathizing!
Rebels living our own incarnations

Then we'll be seeing....
The "so easy" becoming so very hard
Harsh Judgement being cast overboard
Hypocrisy provoked and challenged
Unforgiving minds humbly surrendering
The Resurrection actualized and lived

Then we'll keep seeing....
Love invading the muddled power plays
Love conquering our enslaving forces
Love clinging to forgiveness and mercy
Love wrapping itself around improbable Grace 
Love Living out the Eternal Kingdom of God

And we'll continue to see....
A courageous witness 
Each step-by-step of faith
That minute mustard seed
Growing into a huge tree
Overflowing with abundant life

Prayerfully we'll see....
A world Impacted by Salt
A world Occupied by Light
A world Changed by Peace
A world Governed by Grace
A world Embraced by Hope

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