Lil' Fry

Alone, In his 60's - fragile!

Weathered by the harsh and bitter Chicago winters.

Tattered by a long homeless journey.

A warrior!

He survives.

Sleeps where he can.

Eats what he can.

Continuously praying for another day.

A joy came over me as I outreached this weakened and frail man.

I had and have the opportunity to show Lil' Fry a little of God's love for him.

Never asking, but always hoping, he struggles through night after night sleeping in loading docks and alley ways. This cool day, he dozes against the cold brick wall, straining to gain a moments rest. I pray and walk up to him. Kneeling, I question his homelessness and he humbly admits to his vagabond status and his deteriorating health. I offer him a bed, a meal and warmth for the winter, his eyes light up, while his dazed, confused, hagged and worn countenance gets overcome with a beaming smile. He says "Thank you, Jeremy, Thank you!"

We chat over minor details, followed by the setting of some "all important" goals; getting his birth certificate and State ID so he can get Social Security! A source of income is his first desperate need!

Lil' Fry arrives. He eats and the menacing tough locals celebrate his arrival and greet him with open arms. They know and they love him. I prayed he would make it, as he is a very shy non-imposing character. The system and bureaucracy ignore folk like him. Simply forgotten and forsaken! Never pleading for help, he would humbly fade into winter.

He needed someone to reach out to him.

Lil' Fry has a bed for winter. He has food to eat, clothes to wear, a shower, hygiene items, a community and shelter from the bitter twisted elements.

What drew me to this man?
One Word and One Name: Jesus!

The still and quiet voice of Jesus said:
Look and Act!
Do not pass by this man another day!

As I wander the streets and frequently pass the fragile, forgotten and despised, I am overcome by the pain, oppression and bondage that these folk suffer. The burden is too much! Yet, it is made light: Jesus is the One who takes the yoke upon Himself!

I must and will act!

I must and will obey Him!

I must and will advocate for the homeless, the poor, the enslaved and the oppressed!

I must and will Love the "Least of These"!

Lord Jesus,
I want to live the way You want me to. May I not be ashamed of You or the poor. Help me not to be a coward, but to live a life of uncompromising faith. I do not want to exist in fear, thus, diminishing or quenching Your Spirit. I want and need to exist in weakness, by living the life of Love, Power and Faith - where You, O Lord, reign mightily and powerfully in me.
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