Busy-ness - God is glorified

What an amazing week! So busy, but it's all good!
God is so good!
  • The roof is being torn off and, eventually, a new roof will be put on. It's a long and tedious process, which will result in the "green" roof being used for job training, job readiness etc., for the residents. Beth (my wife) has the vision, and it is exciting to see the progress!
  • Yesterday, Johnson & Johnson, sent 300 employees to do some work at the shelter. They painted, sorted out clothes, put together tables and chairs, brought certain things for the shelter, etc ........ 3 hours and 300 people resulted in some transformed rooms and programs - what a blessing for the residents and clients. Thank you Jesus!
  • This is the week I decide to start weekly meetings. Today, we began with a mandatory meeting - where we discussed a variety of issues and subjects. It was very positive and uplifting - I am hoping it will generate an atmosphere of positivity, where the residents will push one another in the right direction.
  • This evening we began our first Bible Study. Three people showed up. It is not mandatory! But, we had a very fruitful discussion and study. We discussed faith, and we will study the book of James. I am truly excited, as it had been on my mind or a while, I have been praying about it and I finally took the step of faith and ventured forward. I pray this will lead to God being glorified, people being encouraged and we can spur one another on toward love and good deeds.

I am so encouraged by the above 4 things.

God is providing abundantly - Thru businesses and organizations and they are doing these things for free. Progress is happening, and more importantly, the residents reap and will reap benefits and blessings - emotionally, physically and spiritually!

Praise GOD!!!

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