They Fall and They Rise!

I have a deep love and concern for the many homeless and precariously housed men and women on the street. I love to outreach them and get to know these folk! I love to show them, by word and deed, the love of Jesus.

My heart often goes to the massive groupings of men and women "hanging" on a particular block! These groups are often paralyzed by addiction, mental illness, criminal histories and gang affiliations.

These rough and numerous groupings of individuals are straining to survive, striving to live and loitering in little communes to try and establish a little comfort and security. There is safety in numbers and a radical and, somewhat, beautiful sense of community. The public fears these loitering clans, as they are terrified of being crudely spoken too or attacked. But, it's all about appearances, as they do not wish to assault the unknown faces of a fearful community - they wish to live and survive! My concern and my love reaches out to these, who are, so rejected: the most troubled, the most despised and the most unreachable!

The trappings are vast, the needs countless, the bondage is terrifying and the suffering unbearable. In and out of jails and prisons, they are trying to exist in a world where they only hear rejection. They try and lift themselves from the pit, only to be pushed back in again - sometimes intentionally jumping back down, as the path at the bottom often seems easier!! The climb out is rugged and only the strong survive!! Attempts, often, sadly result in a greater and more detrimental bondage as condemnation and guilt sink in. The sense of enduring failure and the frown of the community pushes them to grasp their addiction with vice grips!

Who is the answer?
Who can provide help to these suffering individuals?

Joy and happiness is exuberant, as I watch the efforts and tears of these folk straining to escape this grip. They cry to the Lord, they rise (sometimes ridiculed by the clan) and climb. They are rejected by the group and pushed away by a untrusting and unforgiving society - yet, they march forward through mud and mire! It is a beautiful sight! They are accepted by another group and continue to push on toward the goal. Straining, striving and grasping the beautiful forgiving love of Jesus!

Stories like this are frequent ................ instead of condemning, we need to find them and encourage them! Love them and offer them the mercy of Jesus!
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