Lil' Fry Update

God is good.

Lil' Fry looks visibly stronger and healthier. Mentally, he seems more stable and has a more joyful and happier dispossession. This speaks of the grace and mercy of God, this is our calling as believers, to lift God's children out of their poverty stricken demeanors, to set the captives free and to demostrate and speak of the compassion and love Jesus has for the poor!

This may seem small - you may say "he still lives in a homeless shelter!" The poor can often be isolated and alone (they can also demostrate beautiful community which the middle class and rich often fail to achieve), Lil' Fry was isolated and alone, but now he has community. He has so much more than he had! I tell you - he now feels loved, recognized and that he has a face in an enormous city.

BUT .....
on the practical, financial and performance front, success has come to Fry. He got his birth certificate and from that starting point, we took him to Evanston to apply for any eligible benefits. Amazingly, Fry now receives Social Security and he got a huge back payment. We are now working at getting him into some very safe subsidized senior housing and he should be living there by March.

This is a miracle! I praise Jesus, the lover of the dispossessed and poverty stricken, that he would choose me to impart some of His love and mercy to this grieving captured man.

Please Note:
Lil' Fry had this joy and happiness before he got his benefits!
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