A random and confusing thought!
It struck me today (again) as I counselled a client, that fear and anxiety peaks as they contemplate leaving and moving into their own place.

Why do clients (often single) flirt with disaster when moving is inevitable?
Why do they get very drunk?
Why do they delve into a habit long forsaken?
Why does their psychosis begin to rumble?
Why do they weep and become an emotional irrational picture of themselves?
When there's a light at the end of the tunnel, why would that client run back into the darkness?

The obvious goal of the homeless is to find a home, but when they find a house (apartment), it becomes a daunting and terrifying reality. They experience a fear of the unknown, but more importantly and terrifying is the confusing fear they experience, of being alone!

Shelters are little communities: People fellowship and have like minded goals and dreams, they fight and struggle together, while praying to the Lord together. They can easily help another to rise, or sadly, help another fall. They beg, borrow, lend and gift one another with utmost generosity. They fight, yet show traits of beautiful forgiveness and learn to let by-gones be by-gones! They help, restore, encourage and rebuke each other! In this hustling world of shelter life, I am convinced of this basic observation: individuals form wonderfully strong communities!

In contrast to this picture, when the individual moves into his / her apartment, life becomes a lonely enterprise! Closed within their four walls, they are faced with their TV, radio and bed and do not have the blessings of visitors. Fellowship comes at churches, soup kitchens and food pantries! It leaves the person confused, as the dream, the goal has been realized, yet there remains something missing! Society (propaganda) scorns at such sentiments; deep down they prefer living in a homeless shelter, as their soul pleads for fellowship, community and conversation!

I am excited by the knowledge that Cornerstone offers this blessing, yet I am saddened by the reality of pending loneliness. Many bored and lonely men and women live in these tiny apartments throughout Chicago, and it makes me ponder and pray that the love of Christ will penetrate into these apartments, and in turn, they become homes!
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