Justice rage forth

Our ignorance allows the inexcusable to become excusable 
Our deafening silence screams of intolerable indecisions
Perverted by the comprehensive propaganda machine
Invisible chains cause overt legalized slavery 
Cloaked by harmonious words and seductive promises
Justice and righteousness lie dead in stagnant waters

• Prophets rise to have flaming stones hurled at them
• yet their voices sing from the grave
• persecuted Kingdom dwellers resisting conformity 
• yet light and salt are forever noticed
• Jesus lovingly lived to suffer an unjustified crucifixion by power hungry drones
• yet his choice of powerless submission is victorious

We humbly pray for your Justice
Oh true and perfect justice
Rage forth like a powerful river
We humbly pray for your Righteousness 
Oh blessed righteousness
Flow eternally like a gentle stream

• in the ever-present darkness an ever-present light shines
• heaven transforms hell's exploits into goodness
• a remnant of rejected saints raise loving revolutionary fists
• joyously enduring the narrow path of nonconformity 
• meekness inherits new ground throughout all the earth
• earthly kingdoms bow before Christ's Kingdom of love
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