Redeeming Addiction

Bowing down before the idol
 tasting sweet & so seductive
  confidently holding head high
   it cuddles it grips it holds
    fastened it won't let go
     succumbing to the addictive power
Believing her propaganda
 living that lifeless existence
  trapped in endless mourning
   feeling insignificantly distant
    a deafening scream of powerlessness
     we have stooped into nothingness
Our weeping floods the abyss
 oh how we wept such bitter tears
  humbled by the consistent pain
   humiliated by ever-present weakness
    blessed are the poor in spirit
     that beam of Hope gently nudges
Bent knees finds miraculous Redemption
 rising from the grave reality
  death is conquered
   birth resurrects new Life
    Life is celebrating
     new found

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