Rising Victorious

As I rest I observe.....

the beauty of humanity
the generosity of the poor
a divine love forever shining

I see a man who has nothing
give a man who has less
his one and only coat

I see a man weak and crippled
carrying a stroller up the stairs
helping the mama with her kids

I see a man of many sorrows
hugging a grief stricken man
ignoring his own present fate

I see a man victimized by injustice
hearing another man's beckoning cry
fight for his dignity and justice

I see a man forget his fears
cling to never-ending faith
and provide hope for others

I see a man rejected by all
embrace another lonely lost soul
and create loving community

I see a man beat and bullied down
rise victorious with a raised fist
offer love continually to his neighbor

I see a community of rejected orphans
lovingly accepting each other's pain
while together rising triumphantly

We know the Man who had it all
painfully sacrifice everything
to raise victorious......

Raising poverty stricken mortals
giving them everything
in His eternal rest......

Resting I am thankful
forever thankful and grateful
of all I am honored to observe
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