Chaotic Corner

As I stroll down Wilson crossing Broadway, I gaze at it's uniqueness! This run down corner has so much character. The pain and struggle is a picture that interchanges into joy and community. It's violence transforms into peace, while hatred and indifference are strangled by love and forgiveness! Ugliness disappears and a confusing beauty reigns.....

In my confusion, I smile as i see Jesus humbly loving, sitting, conversing and embracing.....
the schizophrenic man juggling golf balls while glaring and shouting at whoever he sees
the cigarette man yelling at the schizophrenic man for potentially reducing his sales
the drunk man stooped over ignoring the passing world oblivious to the growing tension
the busy passing men and women avoiding eye contact with all the chaotic mayhem that has embraced this small unknown corner

.... and the corner's ever-changing nature forever changes, while God's grace and love remains constant!
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