The Endless Cycle of Violence Begetting Violence!

There remains a never ending mission 
to stop the endless cycling
of horrifying violence 
to bring about peace!

Michael's eye gets horribly blackened 
by 15 unknown thugs on 95th St
their pointless display of violence
for a measly forty dollars

Nick shows me his swollen jaw
stoled on by a couple Kings
their pointless display of violence 
for a cap cocked right on Wilson

Wrong time
Wrong place
Wrong style 
Wrong person

Violence begetting violence
generating a society of revenge
dubbing each other unforgiven
imitating our power hungry leaders

Shameless bullying elitist tactics
inserting their thuggish power
on the poor, weak and fragile 
punishing them for mirroring their ways

Encouraging the poor to exact violence
for love of country, freedom and rights
Incarcerating the poor for exacting violence
for love of family, freedom and rights

The fist enhances the conflict
guns are weapons of mass destruction
"those who live by the sword, die by the sword"
"justified" violence bringing unjustified despair

Peace comes through non-violent creativity
a clenched fist must be opened with a handshake and a hug
conflict resolution starts with humility and love
forgiveness and grace must sprinkle us all

The Man of Innocence was unjustly murdered with brutality
- legally executed
by elitist religious snobs and armed governmental enforcers
- upholders of the law
the powerful sword suffered defeat by the powerless cross
- through resurrected glory
violence begetting violence was deemed but a mortal combat
- and then,
          ONLY then,
                   infinite peace will finally reign!
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