Religious Gangsters

In this piece, I am defining Religious Gangsters not as modern day gangsters who are religious (many gangsters are), but as religious folk who wander around in a mob, misusing their power, influence and status, intimidating and bullying the weak, fragile and revolutionaries. They often use physical, psychological and religious violence to make the "instigators" submit to their ways.... 

Religious gangsters chased down that humble carpenter
Religious gangsters used power to pervert power 
Religious gangsters violently controlled their territory
Religious gangsters silenced the voice of truth
Religious gangsters shed innocent blood

He hung weakly by those bloody nasty nails
Unethically murdering the loving Instigator 
Executed legally by the power hungry political machine
Religious gangsters muttered deceitful slogans
Power had triumphed over weakness 

...... For only three God-forsaken days ... 

Religious Gangsters change your thuggish behavior 
using violence to maintain your normalcy 
Committing adultery with the kingdom of mammon 
Intimidating all radical change agents 
You fear the daunting prospect of powerlessness 

The peaceful lamb embraced non-retaliation 
The humble lamb resisted power to defeat power
The compassionate lamb wandered homeless
The revolutionary lamb voiced gospel truth 
The slaughtered lamb rose conquering death

Myths of peace cry in the torrential rain
Screaming propaganda to listening ears
"excessive power defeats power"
"stronger violence conquers violence" 
Crowds join the race to be the biggest bully

As the most powerful dominate 
Worldly power finds a strange foe
A kingdom governed by a lamb 
Worldly wisdom is deemed foolish
A kingdom saturated by eternal Love 

Power stands confused, defeated
by the non-violent resistance 
and peaceful loving revolution 
Of the murderous Cross 
and the resurrected Lamb 

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