A Never-Ending Roller Coaster

This week has been crazy. There's been SO much happening, it's been a roller-coaster of activity. It''s only Tuesday, but there's been too many highs and lows, too much depressing news, BUT there's also been plenty of encouraging rays of light sprinkled throughout these couple of days.

That's the way it's been! Non-stop action, and that's my life at the shelter. Always on the move, trying to decipher the tornado of action that comes barreling toward me. Tackling it all, and praying I tackle it the right way, praying I use wisdom and praying that love flows from me!

Death smacked us in our face; Walter was murdered in cold blood, suffering the fate of 8 bullets. (link to what I wrote yesterday) This was devastating news, but life in our little homeless community rapidly blasted on as usual. I felt I was living the evening news, where we hear horrible things and then automatically transition into joyful celebration. Working here means going up and down, switching my emotions and trying to meet each need as it comes along.

Rolling along isn't easy, but it's what I got to do, what I chose to do and what I believe God wants me to do; one minute I'm hugging a grieving man who has known the slain man for decades, then I'm hugging an overjoyed man who just signed his lease, then an angry man comes storming into my office ranting and raving and I need to concentrate on bringing peace and then I help a woman get her family's birth certificates, calming her frazzled nerves and making her feel calm. Stolen shoes, a new job, warrant police searching for someone, sickness, meetings, you get the drift, there's far too much to record, but all this to say; it's a never-ending roller-coaster of emotions and the never-ending reality of CCO.

As I sat down and shared a meal with one of my homeless friends I am blessed to know, he reminded me of something I needed to hear. Seeing the stress upon me, he shared a verse that I have frequently shared with him and also with many of my homeless friends over the years. Today, (and every day), I needed this important reminder, that despite all the unpredictable turbulence and the never-ending roller coaster ride I find myself on, God's there, knowing what's happening and saying, "Be Still, and Know that I am God!"

Thanks Abdul for that gentle reminder....
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