A Veterans Day Reflection.

Happy Veterans Day everybody...

Today I write, reflecting on and remembering the many thousands of homeless veterans living in the USA. It is definitely a subject that saddens and depresses me; making me ask, "how can this rich country have so many veterans who are homeless?" Some statistics say that about a quarter of all homeless people in the US are veterans. That is far too many....

I am not writing this to provoke an argument over the rights and wrongs of current and past wars, armament, money and power. There are tons of opinions and thoughts about all that, and I definitely have my own, but this is about the men and women who, out of good intentions, decided to serve their country and are now suffering on the streets and in shelters. This is about loving our neighbors, this is about loving men and women who have seemingly been ignored and forgotten. This post is simply about putting aside all political agendas, and truly LOVING and CARING for our Homeless Veterans!

At Cornerstone, we've seen many veterans come into our facilities or living on the street, seeking help. It's always been our goal to meet whatever needs they may have, and they vary immensely: whether it has to do with housing, employment, mental health issues, PTSD, drug abuse, alcoholism, just needing someone to listen to them or needing a shoulder to cry on, our goal is to love and assist them, and hopefully guide and assist them toward their goals.

....thankfully, through networking, and through showing a little love and concern, we've seen a lot of progress over the years, and we've been able to witness many chronically homeless veterans become permanently housed....

On this blog, over time, I've written a few posts about homeless veterans; here are 3 of them: Each one presenting something different, whether it's finding hope, giving honor or helping the weary attain strength, our veterans need our undivided love and support.....
Hope for our homeless veterans
Honouring Homeless Veterans
Seven Weary Veterans!

This Veteran's Day, let's not forget the thousands upon thousands of men and women who are currently homeless. We may not be able to click our fingers and make every homeless veteran become housed, but we can each do a little! It may seem insignificant, but when we offer helping hands and work on changing the flow, we make our veterans no longer feel ignored and forgotten.

Through our acts of love and acceptance, we help make our veterans feel loved and appreciated!
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