Be Still; These Are Crazy Days!

Today is one of those crazy-filled, confusing, chaotic days.
Today is one of those days where it all hits you at once, and it's hard to process!

Death, drama, an intense conflict, a hospitalization and a successful movement all invaded my presence before the clock struck 10am. These days come, where I have to zigzag through the intense moments of grief, comforting, conflict resolution, life-affecting decisions and celebration. The difficulty is, that all these "moments" beg of me to be 100% focused and ready to react and respond right!

How do I comfort the grieving daughter who just lost her mother, and could now end up homeless?
How do I stop and bring about peace when two volatile "hot heads" (both suffering with paralyzingly PTSD) want to injure each other over a pair of jeans?
How do I respond when doctors and nurses need answers over whether to do surgery or multiple blood transfusions, and the ICU patient (my friend) has no "next of kin"?
How do I respond when dozens of other people invade my space, seeking advice and solutions, when I'm just trying to rightly react in love and patience to the 3 questions I asked above?

Now walking with Blaze and ensuring she successfully moved into her own crib is a wonderful experience, there's no question about how to respond; it's all about celebration, because a homeless woman has now found a home to call her own!

I can ask all these questions and live in the "land of confusion", but I thing I know, it's important and imperative to be there! It's vital to embrace each moment with my tainted love, making every effort to do "what Jesus wants me to do"! I must willing and not afraid to make mistakes, because those foolish mistakes most definitely happen.

And finally, I must always remember, even though people rush up on me relentlessly, I need to lay it in the Lord's hands, knowing there are things I can never solve or repair; I need to meditate like the psalmist did; when chaos, calamity and confusion surrounded him and he knew how big and unsolvable it all was, he humbly grasped these comforting words from God, "Be Still and Know That I am God". I try and I pray, that in someway and somehow I can do likewise....

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